What is the Cloud Library app for iOS?
The Cloud Library by Bibliotheca app for Apple iOS allows you to browse and check out eBooks right on your device. The app is self-contained, meaning you do not need any other device or Mac/PC to load books onto the iOS device. Install the CloudLibrary app, browse, check-out books and start reading all right on your iOS device.


Is using the Cloud Library app for iOS the only way to read eBooks from my library?
You can install Cloud Library apps on your Mac, Windows PC, tablet or smartphone, Nook, Kindle Fire, ChromeBook, Android devices and more. Please see the Get Started page.


How do I install the app for my iOS device?
The Cloud Library app is free from the Apple App Store. 


How do I find out what version of software that I am running?
Click on the (i) in the upper left corner of the screen while running the  Cloud Library app. Here you will find the “About” section which shows the current software version.


Does the app automatically self-update?
The App Store will alert you to any new version of the app as it becomes available. It is the best practice to download and install any updates and to always use the newest version as it will often add new functionality or fix any known issues.


After selecting the state I do not see any libraries listed?
This could mean that you are not currently connected to the internet. The application pulls the latest list of libraries once the state is selected. Without an internet connection you will not see any libraries. The other possibility is that you have selected a state without any 3M Cloud Libraries at this time.


The iOS application crashes, what happened?
Try doing a complete power-off of the iOS device. If after performing complete shutdown of the iOS device and restart it doesn’t resolve the issue then the iOS application may have corrupted itself or some other issue may be at hand. You may want to try simply reinstalling the application to see if it resolves the issues. To reinstall – delete the app by holding down the app icon for a couple of seconds, then tapping on the “x” in the corner. Download again from the app store and sign in. Also, see a list of common issues and solutions.


The iOS application crashes, I have reinstalled the application but it still seems to crash?
It has been found that sometimes when running lots of software that the iOS device itself can get low on system resources. You may want to close some appls that are open but not needing to be run at the moment. In order to check this you can press the menu button at the bottom of the device twice quickly (like when you double-click on something). At the bottom will appear all the applications you have running in memory. To close some of them, simply press and hold on one of the icons along the bottom. After a moment they will start to shake and a red (-) sign appears in the upper left of the icon. Click the (-) on each application you want to close.


Why can’t I access the Cloud Library?
Should you encounter issues with accessing or logging on please contact us at 236-3440 or by email to ensure your account is active and has no blocks on it.


I am getting “Login failed…check your network connection” messages when trying to login. What is going on?
The “Login failed, check network connection” message has been known to display as a default when the software isn’t sure of the error. First make sure you can connect to the internet using Safari and trying an external web page like Google. If you are connected and can get around on the web then you can rest assured that the problem isn’t a network connection issue. The most common causes for this error are issues with your library account. See a list of common issues and solutions or  contact us at 236-3440 or by email


How do I select eBooks for checkout?
You can select books from any of the Shelves, Categories or Search screens. As an alternative, you may select eBooks from the Library Online Catalog, the Mac/PC application or Android devices you have the application installed onto. They will all sync up together.


What are the “Advanced search” options in the Search tab or “Filter” in the Categories tab?
These features allow you to search our collection of eBooks using the sort by filter. The advance filter has two options:


Show only books available to checkout. (If you keep the option off, you can select books that are checked out allowing you to place them on hold for when they become available.)


Include books not in my library. (This option will allow you to see all eBooks in the 3M Cloud Library system. Depending on the libraries setup you may be able to add to the wish list for when libraries are considering purchasing books, consider it a way to suggest your library purchase the books your desire.


How can I change the viewing options while reading a book?
You can tap the screen once while reading a book to bring up a menu at the top of the screen. Hitting the (*) button near the top middle will produce a menu to allow for Font Size, Margin Size, Night Mode, and locking of the orientation.


The font size isn’t big or small enough?
If the font size is not big or small enough, try tapping the A- or A+ button several times. When it is at the maximum it will gray out and no longer become active.


How can I check in a book early?
In the “My Books” tab, select “List View” in the upper left corner of the screen. Here you can do a “Check In” of your book early.


What happens when the eBook reaches it’s due date?
The eBooks will automatiicaly check in and can no longer be read unless checked out again.. There are no late fees as a result.


How can I renew a book?
Right now there is no renewal functionality built in. If a book is on hold it will automatically transfer to the next person in the queue. If the book is not on hold you can go through the check out process again.


My FAQ question was not answered here.
In the event you have questions that are not answered in this document please contact us at 236-3440 or by email.