What is the Cloud Library app for Android?
The Cloud Library app by Bibliotheca for Android is an Android application designed for using the  Cloud Library on your Android devices.


What are the system requirements for the 3M Cloud Library Android App?
The operating system requirements are: Android Version 2.2.2 (Froyo) or Higher.


What does the Cloud Library Android App do?
It installs on your Android device and allows you access to eBook collection at anytime, this includes:


Browse your local Cloud Library collection of digital books anytime and anywhere *(provided they have an internet connection).


Check out a book or place a book on hold.


Download and read a digital book right on your Android device.


Check in a book or look at your reading history right from your device.


Check your message center or wish list.


What if I need to change my library?
You can do this by clearing out your app data. Go to Settings/Apps/All/Cloud Library/Clear Data.


How do I clear the cache?
You can clear your cache by going to Settings/Apps/All/Cloud Library/Clear Cache.


How do I un-install the  Cloud Library App?
You can un-install the app by going to Settings/Apps/All/Cloud Library/Uninstall.


What do I do if I receive an error while the Cloud Library application is running?
Close the application and perform the clear cache function.


Adapted from the Westmoreland Public Library’s Cloud Library FAQ page. Thank you.