Cloud Library FAQ

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How do I use the Cloud Library?

Check out the Overview Section to get started.

To use the Cloud Library you will need an active Camden Public Library card with less than $5 in fines. Whichever device you use (a phone, tablet or computer), you will be asked to download the  Cloud Library (by Bibliotheca) reading app. You will then be prompted to select your state, library and to enter your library card barcode (into the “User” field). Please do not enter spaces when entering your barcode.

Where can I download the Cloud Library app?

You can download the Cloud Library reading app for your device from the following locations. Click on one of the links below based on your device and follow the prompts. Common installation and account setup questions.

To download an app for:

Which devices are compatible with the  Cloud Library?

Access your eBooks across different devices, including iOS, Android, Nook, Chrome, Kobo, Kindle (Fire only) and Mac/PC. If using a PC or Mac, your web browser should be updated to the most recent version for optimal viewing. There is no longer a dedicated cloudLibrary app for Mac/PC; you will need an e-reader for offline reading. Instructions for installing an e-reader for cloudLibrary can be found here.

I am seeing an error message. Can you help?

Please see these solutions to common issues that may arise in the CloudLibrary. Feel free to get in touch with us at

Who can check out books from the Cloud Library?

Anyone with a Camden Public Library card in good standing. Additionally, anyone with a library card in the state of Maine from a library which subscribes to the CloudLibrary. If you are not a Camden Public Library member, please contact your home library to learn more.

What about Kindle e-ink?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not support the ePub format used by the cloudLibrary platform.

What about a Nexus 7 tablet?

You are now able to use the GooglePlay store to download the CloudLibrary app.

How long can I keep an e-book?

eBooks check out for 14 days.

How many eBooks can I have out at one time?

Three (3) titles may be checked out at one time. Three (3) additional titles may be placed on hold.

Can I return an eBook early?

Yes. Go to “My Books” and “Return”.

How many holds can I have at one time?


How do holds work?

When you place a hold on a book, your screen will display the number of days until the book will be available. You will be prompted to enter an email address where you would like to be notified when the book becomes available. When the book is returned by the previous user, an email is automatically generated to notify you and you will have 48 hours to check out the book before the hold is cancelled and moved to the next person in line.


How do I cancel a hold?

Go to the “My Books” page and click on “Holds.”

Is it possible to renew eBooks?

No. eBooks can be checked out again, if available, or you can place a hold.

What fines are associated with Cloud Library eBooks?

None. At the end of the checkout period the book returns automatically and will no longer be on your account.

How does the wish list work?

The CloudLibrary site allows for you to browse categories, which includes the full Cloud Library catalog of available eBook titles. If we do not own the book, you can add it to your wish list. When staff purchase new content, we can see the titles that have been added to the wish list for purchase consideration.

To add a title to the Wish List, search for the item via the “Categories” tab. In the upper right corner, from the drop-down menu on your PC/Mac of by clicking “Filter” in an iOS or Android app, select “Include Books Not In Library”. When you find your book, you will be prompted to log in and an “Add to Wish List” button will appear.

Can I keep track of what I read using the Cloud Library?

Yes. Reading history is automatically saved for you in your account and is not visible to anyone else. You can choose to opt out.

Can I save my bookmarks in the Cloud Library?

Yes. Bookmarks are saved in the  Cloud Library. When you check out a book again that you have bookmarked previously, your bookmarks will reappear. Additionally, if you read a book on multiple devices at the same time, your bookmarks will sync along with the place where you left off on one device and picked up on another.

Why do I have to wait for an eBook?

The current model used by publishers dictates that eBooks be treated in the same way we lend physical books; which results in a one-copy/one user model. Occasionally you will see that there is more than 1 copy available. 2 purchased copies can be checked out by 2 people, etc.

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