The Jean Picker Room

Also available for rental: The Amphitheatre or Harbor Park



The primary purpose of The Jean Picker Room of the Camden Public Library is to provide a place for cultural and educational programs and exhibits that are free and open to the public. These programs and exhibits should provide an opportunity for aesthetic and intellectual growth and enjoyment. They should also foster public awareness of certain issues and events. Small fees may be charged for events sponsored by the Library or approved non-profit educational groups or institutions providing short-term classes, discussion groups, and forums. The library may choose to independently sponsor programs and exhibits or to co-sponsor programs that are organized by other groups.



All groups requesting use of The Jean Picker Room must fill out an application at least two weeks in advance of their scheduled program. The applications may be obtained by calling the library or signing up in person. After confirmation by the Library Program Director, The Jean Picker Room can then be reserved. The full rental fee and security deposit will be required at this time.


What’s Included

Included in the rental of The Jean Picker Room is the use of an overhead projector, TV, digital and slide projectors, screen, and kitchen facilities. Flip charts and lectern, chairs and tables are also included. A library custodian is available to set up and take down chairs and tables. You may contact a local catering service to provide refreshments. The Jean Picker Room comfortably holds up to 75 people.

Fee Structure

  For Profit For Profit/Co-sponsored Non-Profit Non-Profit/Co-sponsored
First 4 Hours $100 $50 $50 No Fee Required
Each additional hour $10 $10 $10 N/A
Staff fee per hour beyond library hours $50 $50 $50 N/A

Available Hours


The Picker Room is available during regular library hours. If you would like to schedule an event outside of normal hours, please contact the Programs Coordinator, Julia Pierce, at (207) 236-3440.

General Guidelines for Using the Jean Picker Room

  • Upon confirmation, all applicants are required to pay a security deposit of half the full fee charged. This deposit will be returned on the day after the room is used, provided the room and equipment are clean and without damage.
  • There will be no use of alcohol or illegal substances or smoking of tobacco allowed in The Jean Picker Room. There will also be no burning of candles or incense or open flames of any kind.
  • According to Fire regulations, there can be no more than seventy-five people in The Jean Picker Room at one time.
  • All persons using the room after business hours must enter and exit through the Atlantic Avenue entrance. The renter agrees to confine the organization’s activities to the assigned area only.
  • Groups are responsible for straightening the room after each use. This includes, wiping off tables, cleaning up kitchen area, washing dishes, disposing of leftover food and beverages, and cleaning up trash. Bottles, cans, and signs must be removed from the room. The disassembling of chairs and tables will be the responsibility of the library.
  • Every individual or group using The Jean Picker Room accepts total liability for any damage to library facilities and/or equipment. If damage does occur to the premises or the room is left in an unacceptable manner, the security deposit will not be returned. The group will be billed if the damage exceeds the security deposit.
  • The group or individual agrees to indemnify and hold the library harmless for any personal injury, lost or stolen articles, or damaged property owned by anyone using The Jean Picker Room.
  • The library will not accept reservations for meetings which would designate The Jean Picker Room as the regular meeting place for any organization that is not co-sponsored by the library.
  • All publicity for a scheduled event is the sole responsibility of the renter. Any publicity not co-sponsored by the library must clearly state that the library does not necessarily endorse or support the event. If the library co-sponsors the program however, the publicity will be shared between the organization and the library. The library reserves the right to review any publicity material prepared by the organization before release. This is in order to guarantee proper representation of the library.
  • If an organization has been approved for rental and has paid their fee and security deposit, they have the option of canceling one week (seven working days) prior to the scheduled event with a full refund of their money. If, however, the cancellation is closer to the event than one week, the renter must then forfeit the security deposit. There is no penalty if cancellation is due to inclement weather or is called off by the library.

For further details about renting the Jean Picker Room, or to reserve a date, please contact Julia Pierce at (207) 236-3440.