Library Policies

Obtaining a Library Card

Library membership is free to adult residents and taxpayers of Camden and to children who live or attend school in the Five Town School District (Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, and Rockport). Non-residents may purchase a one-year card or a temporary card (for a three-month period). Library users must hold a card to enjoy many library services. A photo ID and proof of current address are required to obtain a card.

Camden Residents……………Free – No Charge
Non-residents…………….…..$48 (one fee allows cards for each household member)
Temporary (3 months)….…$15 per individual

Our Lending Guidelines

Loan period

Books, CDs, audiobooks, Discovery Kits, iPads – 14 days
DVDs, telescopes – 7 days


Materials that are checked out or on order may be reserved. You will be notified when the item you want is available. Notifications are via email unless you request a phone call instead.


Videos or DVDs, iPads – one (1) renewal.
BestSeller Express books and DVDs, telescopes – no (0) renewals.

All other materials – five (5) renewals. Unless reserved by other borrowers, materials may be renewed over the telephone or online using your library card’s barcode number.

Late Fees

The Camden Public Library does not charge late fees, but please keep in mind that other people are waiting for materials to be returned so that they can enjoy them as well!

Lost Materials

The borrower will be charged the full cost for lost books, videos, devices, etc. We do not accept replacement materials in lieu of the charge.

Inter-library Loans

Materials not owned by our library or our consortium may be obtained through an out-of-state inter-library loan. There is usually a charge for this service. To view items within the consortium, select ALL MINERVA LOCATIONS in the “Location” field in the catalog search.

How do we choose Materials?

The Camden Public Library is committed to serving the informational, educational and recreational needs of its community. The Materials Selection Policy outlines the basic criteria for selection and retention of materials and electronic resources in the library collection. Materials that are selected for the library shall be based on the library’s mission statement as follows:

The Camden Public Library is an anchor for the community.

  We bring people together to Read, Connect, and Discover. 

The collection shall be carefully chosen for its value, timeliness and its suitability in meeting the needs of a small community.   No book or other library material shall be excluded because of the possibility that such materials may come into the possession of children.  As library staff cannot know the maturity level and/or family values of each member, the responsibility for the use of materials by children and young adults rests with their parents or legal guardian.  The library does not stand in loco parentis.


Selection Criteria:

Materials shall be selected on the basis of probable appeal to a reasonable section of the community.  Each item will be considered on terms of its merits, its intended audience and the library’s budget.  Criteria for selecting materials should include:

  1. Relevance to the needs and interests of the community
  2. Contemporary significance
  3. Accuracy
  4. Literary and artistic excellence
  5. Clarity of presentation of facts and points of view
  6. Relevance to the existing collection
  7. Role in maintaining a balanced collection representing many points of view
  8. Requests from library users.

Selection Aids:

  1. Reviews in the trade journals
  2. Publishers forecasts, advertisements, and catalogs
  3. Bibliographies listing items of interest and importance
  4. Suggestions by members of the community

For the complete Materials Selection Policy, please click here.