Library Director Nikki Maounis is Retiring this May after 16 years of service at Camden Public Library!

Some of you may already know that Nikki Maounis is retiring in early May. 

“I am resigning my position as Executive Director as of May 1 and will move on to my next chapter. After 16 years of service at the Camden Public Library, it’s time for my library colleagues to take it from here. 

It has truly been my honor to both lead and contribute to the tremendous work that the library does on behalf of the greater Camden community. To be able to bring this library firmly into the digital age, and help sustain one of Maine’s busiest and best, has brought me a great deal of personal satisfaction. Thank you for the opportunity to guide this very special library through these many years – and through the best and worst of times. It has been a privilege to work with and for all of you.”

The public is invited to stop by Nikki’s office for coffee and cake on Friday afternoon, April 26, any time from 12 – 4 pm, to wish Nikki well as she takes this next step. We hope to see you there!