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❗THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELED.❗ We're sorry to announce that this program has been canceled due to the speaker unexpectedly needing to attend to an obligation. I am disappointed that we won’t be sharing this program with you — we take our program offerings very seriously and do not like to cancel if we have a choice. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. In lieu of the program, visit librarycamden.org/eclipse for great resources and previously recorded programs you can watch about the eclipse!

The GREAT Eclipse! (Zoom Only) with Edward Herrick-Gleason, Director of the Southworth Planetarium

Saturday, April 6 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

This program was originally scheduled for 4:00 PM in person and on Zoom. The program will now take place at 2:00 PM ON ZOOM ONLY. Please sign up below!

Join us as we prepare for the April 8th solar eclipse! This will be Maine’s first total solar eclipse since July 1963, and the next total eclipse visible from Maine won’t occur until May 1, 2079, so you won’t want to miss it. Edward Herrick-Gleason, director of the Southworth Planetarium, will give us a crash course on all things eclipse on Saturday, April 6, at 2:00 PM. This program will take place on Zoom only.

Why do eclipses occur?  Why are they rare (or are they)? What can we expect to see? Even though the eclipse won’t be total in Camden, the event still promises to be spectacular.

We’ll also discuss the entire timeline: from first contact, to maximum, to the final contact. We’re expecting the April 8th eclipse to be the most watched eclipse in world history. Join us to learn more about this rare celestial spectacle!

Edward Herrick-Gleason is the director of the Southworth Planetarium at the University of Southern Maine. He writes the “Wandering Astronomer” blog, which was entitled “The Daily Astronomer” until he became lazy. He has occasionally appeared as a guest on public radio’s “Maine Calling” and is a contributor to “Astronomy” Magazine.