3D Printing Resources

You can search for existing designs on the Internet and either print the model “as-is” or modify the model using 3D modeling software, save the file and upload it via the 3D Print Request form.

These are some examples of easy-to-use print files you can find in the 3D community online. Each picture is a link which will bring you to the source where you can download the file necessary to print the object. Save the file and submit it to the library via the 3D Print Request Form.

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Ready-To-Print 3D Designs (such as above)

Thingiverse – MakerBot’s searchable design library community
3D Warehouse – Sketchup’s searchable design library
Cubehero – Cubehero hosts your 3D printed and hardware projects to make it easier to work together with others.

Free 3D Modeling Software

Tinkercad – a browser-based 3D design platform. Create a free account and sign in to create, modify and save your file for printing.
Blender – open source 3D animation suite. Enable the 3D Printing Toolbox
OpenSCAD – free software for creating solid 3D CAD models. Useful for creating models of machine parts
Sketchup – comes in free or pro versions. Get the Sketchup STL from the Extension Warehouse
List of additional free software packages from 3ders.com

3D Modeling Tutorials

3D Modeling for Beginners
How Do I Make a Solid Model
How to Fix and Repair Your 3D Files
Ask us about a 2 week free pass from the Maine State Library to Lynda.com where you can watch video tutorials to learn how to use modeling software such as Sketchup.

3D Printers on the Cutting Edge

5 Amazing Ways 3-D-Printed Food Will Change the Way We Eat
How 3D Printing Could Save Wild Animals
3D Concrete House
TED 2015: Terminator-Inspired 3D Printer ‘Grows’ Objects
Will 3-D Printing Revolutionize Medicine?

Books in the catalog about 3D Printing

This link will bring you to a list of the most recent entries under the subject heading of Three-Dimensional Printing.

Local 3D printing

Steel House in Rockland

Maine State Library in Augusta has”UP” – Unlimited Possibilities Maker Lab.