How We Are Funded

Your Giving Keeps Us Going

Since 1928, the Camden Public Library has provided essential services to our community. We do it because reading is, and always will be, an essential skill. We are funded through private foundations, the Town of Camden, and people like you.

Support from Individuals

The library raises significant funding every year from numerous donations, grants and sponsorships, used book sale revenue, fees and fines, items sold through our Library Store, and special campaigns like Stock the Stacks. People like you truly make the difference. Of the funding that the library needs to raise privately, nearly two-thirds comes from the sources just mentioned.

Foundations and Trusts

There are a few select Foundations and Trusts that were established many years ago to directly support the library.  Of the money the library needs to raise privately, roughly one-third of that funding comes from these sources.  The Centennial Fund is the largest of these sources.  This Fund was established in 1996 when the Centennial Wing was built. Additionally, there are four other Trusts whose purpose is to support the library annually.

Town of Camden

Each year, the Town of Camden provides financial support that ranges from 40% to nearly half of our total budget.Using your (tax payer) money wisely, we have maintained a 100% ROC (Return on Community). For every $1.00 in Town funding, we match it at a level of $1.07 in private funding.


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