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Maine Public Tell Me More 2019 Tour

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, @ 5:30 pm. This spring and summer, Maine Public is taking to the road to talk to YOU about what is going on in your community, what are some developments worthy of celebrating, and what types of news stories and coverage are important to you. 

Maine Public can’t fulfill their vision to tell the whole Maine story without you. 

The goal of our tour is ultimately to help Maine Public learn how they can serve your community better and how to keep you best informed.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

They will are start off the discussion on the 22nd with a brief talk led by Senior News Editor Keith Shortall with Maine Public’s Nora Flaherty and Ed Morin about their experiences reporting in Maine and some of the projects and stories they are working on. They will follow that up by sharing what they learned about Knox County in a statewide survey that we just recently completed.



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