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Classical Wood Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

The Camden Public Library and Maine Coast Workshop invite the public to attend a special online presentation by world-renowned wood carving master Alexander Grabovetskiy. Maine Coast Workshop is hosting Grabovetskiy at their studio in Camden for a 5-day immersion workshop for students (details below). This Zoom event is a unique opportunity for the community to get a peek at the magnificent craft of classical woodcarving. Email jpierce@librarycamden.org to request a Zoom link to attend this free online event.

Grabovetskiy has hand-carved many pieces for luxury homes around the world​. “He has been called the world’s finest carver,” says William Brown of Maine Coast Workshop. “He also is a fascinating man, from Russia, who gives a colorful and animated presentation.”

Grabovetskiy was born in the Soviet Union in the small town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region in 1973 to a family with an inherent love for the arts. His great grandfather, an expert at custom wood carving, had his own furniture business. Grabovetskiy received his initial education in ornamental wood carving from his grandfather when he was 6 years old. By this time, the family had been relocated to the town of Dimitrovgrad in Russia. When Alexander was 16, he managed to impress Vladimir Tokarev, a professional carver famous for his skills with creating hand carved furniture and other wooden goods. Tokarev took the teenager as an apprentice, teaching him the techniques that would help the Grabovetskiy create unique, award-winning custom wood carving masterpieces.​​

Life seemed to be heading in the right direction for Grabovetskiy when he suffered the biggest setback of his life. He was arrested by the Soviet Government, and sent to prison for his adherence to Faith and refusal to enter the Red Army. He was released from prison at the age of 21. By that time, Alexander had already started a successful architectural and ornamental wood carving business from prison. In 1996, Grabovetskiy, his wife Nadia, and their 10-month old son Mark immigrated as political refugees to the USA. Now Grabovetskiy lives in South Florida, is still married, and has three children – Mark, Jessica, and Alexis. His love for wood carving has only increased with time, and he still carves every day.​​

For those who may be interested in attending the 5-day, in-person workshop at Maine Coast Workshop, please CLICK HERE for more details. If you are a mid-coast resident who is interested in hosting a student attending this 5-day workshop (or any of the other workshops this summer), please email William Brown at dei.gratia123@gmail.com. For a full list of Maine Coast Workshops, visit their website: https://www.mainecoastworkshop.com/

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