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Camden Philosophical Society

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 @ 4:00 pm 6:00 pm


This month, the Camden Philosophical Society reading and discussion group will continuing its discussions around the broad thematic question “Is capitalism compatible with environmental sustainability?” Our next meeting, on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 4 pm, will focus on the meaning of sustainability and what features of capitalism – as discussed last month – may or may not be compatible with environmental sustainability.

The meeting will largely be an online discussion via Zoom. It will be led by Jory Squibb. All are welcome to participate. Let us know by return email to sarahmiller@usa.net and jorybrenda@gmail.com if you wish to attend via Zoom. You will receive an invitation on the morning of the meeting.  Click on the “Join Zoom Meeting” link in that invitation at the time of the event.

The proposed readings are pages 14-18 of “Sustainable Development and Our Responsibilities,” by Indian economist and social thinker Amartya Sen; and ‘Well-Being Economy: A Scenario for a Post-Growth Horizontal Governance System,” by Lorenzo Fioramonti, a professor of political economy at the University of Pretoria.  Both are linked below.

Jory explains his concept for the uncoming discussion: We have taken a four-month leave from the hallowed halls of straight-up philosophy. It seems irresponsible to ‘fiddle while Rome burns.’  Our present complex system of national and world exchange of goods and services, with all its practices and presuppositions is clearly incompatible with planetary sustainability.  We’re bequeathing our progeny a very sad and challenging world. 

So we’ve been trying to clarify which of the constituent elements of that bundle of practices—letting go perhaps of the charged word Capitalism– are necessary to its future functioning. Is monetization, or GDP growth, or competition, or global, impersonal trading necessary for continuance? If only some elements are essential, how can they be practicably and democratically modified to meet the crisis?

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