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First NameLast NameDate of Birth
Date of Death
Wallace E.Mann0000-00-001951-00-00Mt. View (Camden)No Date of Birth Available, Husband of the Miller GirlView
Kathryn C.Slipp0000-00-001990-07-09Oak Hill (Camden)No Date of Birth Available. Died Age 79 years. No Grave Number Available.View
Fred CurtisStone0000-00-001999-06-07Mt. View (Camden)No Date of Birth Available. Ashes.View
Charles B.Thorndike0000-00-001978-03-09Mt. View (Camden)No Date of Birth Available. Died Age 93 years.View
VioletVirgili0000-00-001925-00-00Mt. View (Camden)No Date of Birth Available.View
Aubrey ClarkYoung0000-00-002008-04-04Oak Hill (Camden)Died age 83 in Rockport, ME.View