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Winterfest 2015 Ice Carvings

The weather was challenging, but thanks to all the volunteers who helped prep the Amphitheatre, serve the food, and provide the music and kids crafts, the Winterfest Community Ice Carving was a big success and indeed we had a ball! Ken Gardiner was the MC and started us off with a stirring sing-along of “The Hokey-Pokey,” Chris Barrows was our DJ and everything was up-tempo and seasonally flavored (“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”), All That Jazz performed indoors, with Hazel Delehey’s performance during intermission; Miss Amy and Miss Stefanie regaled the kids with crafts and facepainting, and Caroline Morong’s truly intrepid crew served up hot food throughout the event in the snowiest part of Camden, right in front of the library doors!  The Winterfest events are supported by sponsorship from The First and hosted by the Camden Public Library. Click for more photos.


We couldn’t have done it without the participation, and over-the top help prepping the Amphitheatre from the carving teams! Special thanks to Ken Gardiner, Lucinda Ziesing,  Emily Lusher, Dave Jackson, Tim Pierce, Caroline Morong and the Food Crew, Hank Lunn, and the Winterfest Committee.

Here are some photos from our set-up day on Thursday and the Winterfest celebration on Saturday, January 31.

The ice sculptors start with crystal-clear, 300-pound blocks of ice, 10x20x40 inches, and chip away to create a shimmering and dazzling ice garden. Depending on the weather, the icy creations glisten and change in the sunshine for weeks. Tim Pierce, master ice carver and  executive chef at Samoset Resort, provides expertise and enthusiasm for the festivities every year. “I enjoy carving, teaching, and coaching,” he says. “It’s great to see so much winter activity in the Amphitheatre!”







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